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스페인어게인 투어와 관련 된 예약 문의 & 신청 게시판 입니다.

편하게 문의 해 주시면 댓글로 회신 드리겠습니다^^

투어 예약의 경우에는 “날짜/투어상품/인원” 의 양식으로 제목을 작성해 주세요~~


그 동안 사용하던 네이버카페를 중단하고 스페인어게인 공식 홈페이지에 게시판을 만들었습니다.^^

투어 소개 및 가격은 Tour 페이지 참조 http://spainagain.net/tour


[ESCCK] 세계 타파스의 날 : 스페인 미식 투어

2018-05-01 15:10

주한스페인상공회의소, 주한스페인대사관, Turespaña, British Airways 에서 주최하는 스페인 미식 투어 '세계 타파스의 날' 행사가 진행 됩니다.

La Ruta de la Tapa (Tapas Tour) is an initiative organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ESCCK), the Embassy of Spain in South Korea, Foods and Wines from Spain, Turespaña and British Airways to promote Spanish cuisine and Spanish restaurants in South Korea. Spanish restaurants in Seoul can participate in the initiative providing a glass of beer or sangria + tapa for KRW 9.000 to their customers. The initiative will be from May 14th  to June 14th .

Information for restaurants

  1. How should the tapa and the drink be?

Spanish tapas are symbols of Spanish cuisine. They can be hot or cold and should be served with a glass of beer or sangria. Each restaurant will indicate when its Tapa is available.Tapas appearance should be good because those customers who took a picture of themselves with two different tapas, upload them on Instagram with #TapaSeoul hashtag and follow ESCCK will be able to participate in a raffle of two plane tickets to Spain, sponsored by British Airways.

  1. What benefits does it have?

The restaurants will receive an ESCCK certificate and promotion on the ESCCK Naver blog and social media.

  1. How can a restaurant join this initiative?

If you run a Spanish restaurant and you want to join this initiative, please fill out this form. Once the restaurant is registered, the ESCCK will contact you to know the following information:

– Tapa details

– A picture

– Restaurant logo

– Restaurant schedule

Information for customers

  1. Who can participate?

Customers can participate in the Ruta de la Tapa going to the Spanish restaurants and ask for the “Tapa promotion”. Customers will be able to check addresses, timetables and pictures on ESCCK social media, web page and Naver blog.

  1. What benefits does it have?

– Customers can eat real Spanish cuisine in Seoul.

– Customers could win two plane tickets to Spain provided by British Airways.

  1. How customers can participate?

Customers can participate in the raffle taking two pictures of themselves with two different tapas, upload them on Instagram with #TapaSeoul hashtag and follow and mention ESCCK. The photos can be sent until 00:00 on June 11. The winner will be informed three days after. The award ceremony will be held on June 15th at the Residence of the Ambassador of Spain in South Korea.

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