[ARIRANG NEWS] Changing the way webtoons are made | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

[ARIRANG NEWS] Changing the way webtoons are made | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

이제 문하생 두던 시절 옛말… 공동제작방식으로 분업화해 제작하는 K웹툰

Originally when making a webtoon or online comic, a single artist would have to do every step of the process with only one or two assistants.
But now as demand has gone through the roof, webtoon producers are making their production processes more efficient.
Our arts and culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung reports.
As Korean webtoons online comics grow more and more popular,… there has been a change in how the artwork is made.
In the past, one artist would do every step, from sketching to coloring, with a couple of assistants helping like apprentices.
Now, webtoon production companies work in teams of several artists who divide up the webtoon creating process.
“My work is to turn the online novel into a webtoon. It’s like making a webtoon’s blueprint. I need to make sure the written descriptions are shown well through comics that we scroll to enjoy.”
“I am drawing a sketch. When I am doing it alone, I can just do simple sketches but as we divided the work, I need to do a rough draft in detail.”
“Right now I am working on a ‘pen touch’ which is to make the sketch look much clearer. Since other artists are going to do the coloring and final-editing, I need to make the lines as clear as possible.”
“I am in the middle of the coloring process. As I am doing several artists’ coloring work, I try to color them based on each webtoon artist’s style.”
“As the final process, I am doing the post-correction such as editing the text and background perhaps adding the shadow.”
In the past, webtoons weren’t that profitable,… but now with TV dramas based on webtoons gaining popularity around the world, the demand has made these changes possible.
The head of the company says this has made the job easier, as previously, with one person doing everything, the job was tough physically and mentally.
“When up to 7 or 8 artists split up the work, each artist needs to do less work and so, they can maintain the quality. Adding on to that, lots of would-be artists who majored in cartoons can take part in the process earlier and get ready for their debut.”
Through the new system of dividing the work,… more high-quality webtoons can be made to attract new fans.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.

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2021-02-24, 12:00 (KST)

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