[ARIRANG NEWS] S. Korea to begin COVID-19 vaccinations at nursing facilities starting Friday | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

[ARIRANG NEWS] S. Korea to begin COVID-19 vaccinations at nursing facilities starting Friday | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

코로나19 백신 접종 앞둔 요양시설…우려 부분과 보완해야 할 점은?

South Korea kickstarts its vaccination drive against Covid-19 this Friday with health officials inoculating
medical staff and residents in care homes and hospitals under the age of 65.
Though the majority of people have said they will get their shots, some are still concerned about possible side-effects.
Our Choi Won-jong addressed these concerns with a former nursing home worker and the former director of the KCDC.
South Korea’s COVID-19 vaccination will be kicking off this Friday.
Starting with the AstraZeneca vaccine being given to more than 290-thousand staff and residents under the age of 65… at nursing homes and hospitals.
Poor ventilation systems and residents being in close contact with each other has meant that these facilities have become COVID-19 hotspots.
Throughout the month of January this year… Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency reported more than 5-hundred coronavirus-related deaths.
More than 2-hundred were from nursing facilities… nearly 43-percent.
“Even in the days when COVID-19 didn’t exist, quite a few elders passed away due to diseases like pneumonia. They are at risk of getting worse and dying from flu or pneumonia related complications.”
According to a KDCA survey on more than 366-thousand healthcare workers and residents… nearly 94-percent said they would get the shot.
But some are still unsure.
“Many people in nursing homes are afraid of vaccinations right now… about the possible side-effects. So we have a lot of concerns because of this.”
However, a former director of the KCDC says the success of vaccinations at nursing facilities will depend on how any adverse reactions are handled.
“What’s important is how quickly and transparently each nursing facility will handle a sudden reaction or fever following vaccination… and how the government will manage the issue.”
The expert added that health authorities have already trained each nursing facility on how to report side effects… online and in real time.
“The KDCA has been planning a vaccination app for long time. It’s also important that these nursing facilities are cooperating well with the government’s vaccination campaign. If they cooperate well, the vaccinations will work out.”
“All these issues will need to be dealt with for the vaccine rollout to go smoothly, when the first doses are given out at places like this nursing home over the coming weeks
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.”

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2021-02-24, 07:00 (KST)

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