[ARIRANG NEWS] Security tightened in Washington D.C. ahead of Biden inauguration | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

[ARIRANG NEWS] Security tightened in Washington D.C. ahead of Biden inauguration | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

취임식 앞두고 워싱턴DC 경비 강화…군 병력 2만명 배치

Security will be exceptionally tight at next week’s inauguration ceremony of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.
The National Mall will be closed entirely.
The only groups given limited access will be security personnel and some members of the media.
Kim Hyo-sun has the details.
The U.S. has ramped up security measures for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony to be held on January 20th.
The National Mall in Washington will be closed off completely to the public on Inauguration Day,… amid concerns about violent protests.
Only security personnel and members of the press will be allowed limited access to the traditional gathering place for crowds to see the swearing-in ceremony.
On Inauguration Day, over 20-thousand National Guard members will be mobilized to provide security.
Thousands of police officers and National Guard troops have already been stationed throughout the city,… after President Trump approved an emergency declaration earlier this week,… which will be effective through January 24th.
“There are more troops right now in Washington, D.C., than in Afghanistan. They are here to defend us against the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States and his mob.”
The intensified security also comes as the mayor of Washington D.C. earlier urged the public to participate in the inauguration remotely.
“Of course, we are all focused on preparing for the upcoming presidential inauguration. Our goals right now are to encourage Americans to participate virtually and to protect the District of Columbia from a repeat of the violent insurrection experienced at the Capitol and its grounds on January the 6th.”
Also ahead of Inauguration Day, 13 metro stations in Washington will be closed from Friday.
Airbnb is also blocking and canceling reservations made in the capital area during the week of the inauguration.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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2021-01-15, 07:00 (KST)

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