City Country School

At City Country School we teach children how to learn, so that they can continue to learn and grow during their entire lives. 

To achieve the great competency of learning to learn, the school seeks to achieve these aims:

To create a strong collaboration with parents and a warm and supportive school community.

To help the child seek and recognize excellence.

To help the child develop focus, concentration, order and peacefulness.

To prepare the child to discover the interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated things.

To foster in the child a mindset that values longterm goals of enrichment and self-improvement over short-term goals of performance.

To prepare the child to see mistakes as necessary steps on the path to success.

To help the child find happiness and pleasure in school and in life.

To help the child recognize his/her own needs, and to distinguish needs from wants.

To help the child understand his/her place in the world.

To help the child learn to communicate effectively, honestly, constructively.
To help the child discover his/her interests and passions.

To help the child see that s/he is capable of surpassing his/her own expectations, limitations, fears.

City Country School

Children’s House

Avenida Juan Andrés 19

28035 Madrid


Calle Isla de la Soledad 2

28035 Madrid


Bilingual : Spanish, English


Telephone : (+34) 91 373 86 95

Email :


International School in Madrid

From 3 to 12 years of age.