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The best acupuncturist in Madrid, Spain


Master Hochun Lee

Master Hochun Lee is a professional acupuncturist who has more than 20 years of experience in both in Cantabria and Madrid, Spain. He is specialized in 5 Korean acupuncture techniques such as Hwal-Bob based on 14 ways of martial arts.


Hochun Lee : The Korean massage and acupuncture center in Barrio del Pilar, Madrid, Spain

The combination of traditional and modern ultrasound, stimulation of low and medium frequency strengthens our treatment more efficient and effective. We guarantee professional service and personalized treatment for our patients. Our clients always praise of our great service as well as the proximity of our location which give more credibility. We continue and improve our treatment day by day in order to help our clients enjoy their healthy lives.


Spanish name  Hochun Lee : Centro de acupuntura Madrid
English name
 Hochun Lee : Acupuncture center in Madrid
Country  Spain
City  Madrid
Address  Plaza Fonsagrada 5, 28029 Barrio del Pilar, Madrid(click)
Acupuncturist  Hochun Lee
Telephone  +34) 91 378 57 41 / +34) 628 01 21 68
Whatsapp  +34) 628 01 21 68