What to see in Cordoba?


Cordoba, the capital of the province of Andalusia and the third largest and most populated city of Andalusia. Today Cordoba is a modern city but one that has still taken care of its amazing history, where Arab and Roman architecture mix together.

In 1994, the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For being such an old city the historical center of Cordoba has not lost its charm. You can spend hours walking along the narrow and quiet streets of the Old Town, admiring the beautifully preserved medieval houses with unusual balconies and courtyards. During such a walk, you should definitely visit the Roman bridge, on which are located the Roman baths and the Calahorra tower; Alcazar of Christian kings.

In the famous Jewish quarter of the old district of Cordoba, you can see one of the three remaining synagogues in Spain. After the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 until 1885 the synagogue was used as a church, but was then declared a national monument.


Another ancient religious building is the Cordoba Mosque (Mesquita), construction of which began in 786 AD, the third largest mosque in the world. The building is a mixture of architectural styles since all the cultures that have held the city have put some of its culture into the design. A narrow street from the mosque leads to Plaza del Potro (Foal Square) where you can find a most magnificent fountain with a prancing horse. The same prancing horse is considered the coat of arms of Cordoba. Just nearby you can find another beautiful Córdoba square. Constitution Square, founded in the 17th century.


Special attention should be paid to the old Arabian market of Cordoba. The old market is well-known all around the country for its jewelry workshops. Producing primarily silver jewelry, there are also many shops of leather craftsmen. 

Historically these crafts glorified Cordoba throughout Europe. Leather shoes, bags and gloves of Cordoban craftsmen were sold to every country in Europe.

Many tourists come to Cordoba in May. What they call The Courtyard Competition is held here. Citizens decorate their yards with bouquets, potted plants, and products of local artists. Everyone can appreciate the contest. The holiday is accompanied by music and festivities and is a must for anyone who visits.

The May Crosses (Cruces de Mayo) flower festival takes place at the very beginning of the month of May as seen in the name. Residents decorate houses and balconies with flowers and build grandiose floral compositions on the streets.

If you visit in May we can also recommend that you visit and experience the Cordoba Fair which is held in late May. For this holiday, you can appreciate the art of folk singers and flamenco dancers. The city is transformed from the abundance of bright costumes, flowers, night lights of illumination.