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Cereal Hunters

Coffee shop-like spaces dedicated, specifically, to cereals are nothing new: for quite a few years now, we could find these type of cafeterias in the UK, which imported cereals of all kinds so that their customers could enjoy them without having to travel to the other side of the world. Because let’s be realistic: Who doesn’t like cereals?

In Spain, the fashion started in the form of franchises that spread to several cities and that seem to continue expanding in the near future.

The idea is simple, you choose a type of milk. It can be soy, oat, almond, whole, semi, etc milk. That milk can go the color you want with food dyes (it does not taste different but it looks very nice when in photos) and finally you choose the cereals and / or toppings.

The cereals can be any you can find in the supermarket of your neighborhood, or they can be imported cereals, normally English or American. With a minimum price that doesn’t go beyond 5€.

If you like cereals, do not forget to stop by one of these coffee shops.

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Paula Sanz