Studying in Spain – Journal 21: Day Trip to Segovia Part 1

Small Cities Near Madrid

There are quite a few small cities near Madrid that’s suitable for a daytrip from Madrid, Toledo and Segovia being two of the most popular ones. My personal favorite of all these cities is Segovia, as it is a city perfect for taking a walk.

There are two ways two get from Madrid to Segovia, either by train or bus.

There are no train from Madrid Atocha train station to Segovia, so all the trains from Madrid to Segovia would be from Madrid Chamartin station. There are trains every half an hour to an hour and the journey would take approximately half an hour. Ticket price for an adult would cost somewhere between 13€ to 24€, depending on the type of train and when you buy the ticket. Renfe train tickets could be bought online or in person at the station.

The advantages of taking the train is that the journey takes less time and the trip would be more comfortable, but with the disadvantage of tickets being more expensive and the Renfe train station is quite far away from the city center of Segovia.

Moncloa station is where the bus station is. There are buses every 15 minutes and the journey would take approximately one and half an hour. Ticket price for an adult would cost about 4€. Avanza bus tickets could be bought online or in person.

The advantages of taking the bus would be that the bus station is close to the city center of Segovia, which saves you another bus trip or taxi trip. Bus tickets are cheaper than train tickets and there are more buses available most of the time. The downside would be that the bus trip takes much longer and for people who gets carsick, it might not be the most comfortable way to travel.

Acueducto de Segovia

We took the bus from Moncloa and luckily the weather was nice and there was little traffic that day. The bus station was just a 5 minutes walk away from the Acueducto de Segovia, so it was our first stop at Segovia.

The Acueducto de Segovia, or the Acueduct bridge in English, is a Roman aqueduct and was once used to transport water from the Rio Frio River. It is one of the most famous symbol of Segovia and is a must go for people who visits Segovia.

We first took a walk around the Acueducto. There are stairs that allow you to walk up the bridge and take a good look at the city. It is hard to believe that some parts of the bridge were built 2000 years ago when the Roman people were here. The building was greater than what I had expected.

La Almuzara

After visiting the Acueducto, we stopped at a vegetarian friendly restaurant called La Almuzara for lunch. The restaurant is in the city center and very close to the cathedral.

The light in the restaurant was a bit dim, so we didn’t have much opportunities to take good photos of the food. But we enjoyed lunch either way, the restaurant was cozy and the vibe was nice and relaxing.

The vegetable lasagna that I had was delicious and the infusion tea was also very nice. For vegetarian people who are visiting Segovia, I recommend stopping at this cozy and friendly place for a meal.