[ARIRANG NEWS] AI technology developed in S. Korea creates ‘virtual humans’ and ‘artificial voice actors’ | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

[ARIRANG NEWS] AI technology developed in S. Korea creates ‘virtual humans’ and ‘artificial voice actors’ | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

CES2021: 한국의 혁신적인 K-AI, AI기술로 가상인간과 연기자 서비스 만들어

AI technology developed in South Korea is creating lifelike artificial humans.
One startup has created an AI ‘voice acting service’ that helps people create their own dubbed video content without the need for a voiceover actor.
Bae Eun-ji has more.
At this year’s completely virtual Consumer Electronics Show, a South Korean tech giant decided to use a ‘virtual human’ to unveil some of its new products.
“Hi y’all, I’m Reah, a songwriter and DJ.”
LG Electronics introduced this new artificial human named Reah Keem( ), a 23-year-old female musician,… who even has her own Instagram page with more than 6-thousand followers.
Another tech giant in the country, Samsung Electronics, also explained the concept of neural avatars at CES, saying that this technology may even breathe new life into the Mona Lisa.
Samsung said this was built off of just one image using AI technology.
A startup in South Korea also showcased a service using AI that can be used to dub video content, audio books, and podcasts.
“This voice acting service allows users to create voiceover recordings from more than 60 different voices.
Let’s see how it works.”
Users just need to choose a character, which can be selected separately for each sentence… and type in the script.
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Already more than 170-thousand people use this service, which provides convenience for individual content creators and small business owners who want to make video content… as there is no need to hire a voice actor or book a studio.
The CEO of the company says the key technology of this service is that it cannot only generate voices from the given script, but it can also express emotions.
“So our technology allows you to generate speech from given text with certain emotional status. We can also control the tone of the speech and the rhythm of the speech.”
By combining the voices of multiple people, it can also create a whole new voice adjusting for voice tone and age,… and can also make the character speak different languages.
The CEO added that he aims to allow anyone making their own unique content to be able to use artificial voice actors in the near future.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.

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