[ARIRANG NEWS] AstraZeneca vaccine begins delivery from production plant to distribution center | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

[ARIRANG NEWS] AstraZeneca vaccine begins delivery from production plant to distribution center | South Korea News – KoreaAgain

AZ백신, 오늘 생산 공장서 물류센터로 운송 시작…26일 접종

Our top story today, COVID-19 vaccines developed by AstraZeneca will be delivered to South Korea today,… with shipments headed to a distribution center in Gyeonggi-do Province.
The vaccines will be rolled out beginning Friday.
Lee Seung-jae has more.
The first vaccine set to be used in South Korea,.. will be the AstraZeneca vaccine being manufactured by SK Bioscience at a factory in the southeastern city of Andong.
Starting Wednesday,.. the vaccine will be delivered to a distribution center located in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province,… in the very first step before vaccinations start on Friday.
The amount to be delivered will be 1-point-5 million doses,… enough to inoculate 750-thousand people,… including residents and workers under the age of 65 in nursing hospitals and facilities nationwide.
The first batch will be delivered via a delivery truck to the distribution center.
It’s expected to take roughly two hours from Andong to Icheon,… and will be escorted by the police.
Once it arrives,… the vaccines will be transported again to public health centers and nursing hospitals nationwide on Thursday.
The initial batch is expected to be good for five days of inoculations,… before another batch is transported from the production plant.
According to KDCA chief Jeong Eun-kyeong,… vaccination registration will open on Thursday,… where vaccine centers can check for those eligible to receive the vaccine,… as well as input vaccination records after each jab.
Health authorities will also keep track of the vaccination rate and the vaccine supply using a computerized system.
Health authorities have also recommended that nursing hospitals where doctors work directly within the facilities administer the vaccines within five days after receiving them.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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2021-02-24, 07:00 (KST)

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