Madrid-Barajas Airport

Almost every tourist that comes to Madrid passes through Madrid Airport.A quite basic routine that can have some pitfalls for the inexperienced traveler. Today we want to tell you important information about Madrid-Barajas Airport. Firstly it is a very big airport, how big? well you should know that Madrid Airport consists of five passenger terminals: T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S, as well as a private aviation terminal, and some of these are dislocated from the others and require a metro or taxi ride to go between. So please pay attention to the information regarding what terminal you arrive at and to which terminal you need to travel out of the country with again because they can differ a lot.

Madrid-Barajas Airport (In spanish Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas) is the main international airport in the capital of Spain and naturally it is the largest airport in Spain. It is located 12 km northeast of the center of Madrid, and includes four terminals.-. The airport was constructed in 1927, opening to national and international air traffic on 22 April 1931, although regular commercial operations began two years later.In 2000, it began the construction of new terminals T4 and its satellite, T4S.

Airplanes you will find connecting flights for the rest of Spain, all the Spanish islands and most european countries from here. About 40 million passengers pass through Barajas annually. More than half of the flights are operated by the Spanish airline- Iberia.

There is a free bus running between the terminals, this bus is painted green and T1, T2, T3 and T4 are written on the light panel so it should be easy to spot. The route connects the airport terminals with each other, as well as with a long parking lot. The connection of the T4 and T4S terminals is carried out by an underground metro or taxi.


Tax free


The tax free is located between the terminals T1, T2 and T4. Tax refunds are made subject to a one-time purchase of 90.15 EUR. First you need to stamp the tax-free forms, and then go to the point labeled Global Blue (T1, T4) or Global Exchange (T2).So please take into account your time to do all of this so that you won’t miss the airplane for your airplane.


Left-luggage offices


For a short overnight or over weekend stay before you travel to the next location it might come in handy to be able to leave your bags at the airport, and they have an office where you can do just that for a small fee.

1 day or less costs € 5.45 for a large cabinet, € 4.85 for an average cabinet and € 4.25 for a small cabinet. Also you can find 8 devices for wrapping cling film around your luggage to secure your baggage, they are available in all four terminals.



ATMs in all terminals


T1 and T2 also have branches of 2 Spanish banks, so you can withdraw money for a small banking fee without being subject to the tourist atm fees of European atm and similar. This is a tip that we can not stress enough! When you need to withdraw money go to one of the actual spanish bank ATM’s and not the European tourist ATM’s that you can find everywhere. The tip on how to spot these tourist trapps is that they have a lot of country flags on  them to make them appealing for tourists who might not speak Spanish. 


The Madrid Metro Line connects the airport with city centre station Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid’s financial district. The Barajas Line 8 provides a fast route from the underground stations at Terminal 2 and Terminal 4 into central Madrid. The metro also provides links to stations on the Spanish railway network.


Metropolitan Bus

Buses EMT runs regular public bus services between the airport and Madrid: bus 200 runs as a complete line – dropping passengers at departures of terminals 1, 2 and 4 before collecting passengers in the reverse order at arrivals. The EMT public night bus service N4 also services from Madrid downtown (Plaza Cibeles) to Barajas (Plaza de los Hermanos Falcó y Alvarez de Toledo, 400m from the airport through a passageway above the highway). EMT also have an express bus linking Barajas airport to Renfe’s Atocha Station, the main rail station in Madrid.