How to spend a weekend in Barcelona ?

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities to visit for a weekend trip to Europe. It is no surprise that it is so popular as a weekend destination either, the size and concentration of attractions make this city ideal for a shorter trip. After visiting this creative city, people regain their strength and are filled with a newfound thirst for life, but even if the city is great for tourists, it can also be easy to get lost in it all. Because of this, we have gathered a handfull of tips for you to make your trip more comfortable.

The most economical way to get from the airport in Barcelona is by train (3 euros round trip or bus, the ticket price is 5 euros one way. Besides this the airport is located quite near Barcelona city (15-20 minutes), so even a taxi ride will not cost you much – up to 20 euros.

When you are in the city living is also quite cheap,for example, you can have breakfast in any small cafe with a cup of coffee with a fresh croissant for about 2 euros. After which you are free to immediately go to enjoy the local architectural masterpieces that are found in every corner of the city. This is a open-air museum of architecture and its central exhibition is: the Gothic Quarter – this is where you should start. 

It is impossible to visit Barcelona and ignore the wonderful local markets – and there are more than 50 of them. The most popular of them, La Boqueria, a place where thousands of tourists are welcomed daily, is not hard to find near La Rambla.

The city itself is very small – from centru, you can reach the edge of the city in 2-3 hours on foot in any direction. You can walk, enjoy and not think about transportation costs. But if you want to visit the local metro, then such an excursion will cost you 1.35 euros. At every bus stop in the city, you can find detailed schemes of transport routes that give information about both metro and buses – this is very convenient for visitors. Besides this, if you want to be able to move by bus or metro unhindered your entire trip then you can purchase a T10 card (7.7 euros), which gives you the right to make 10 trips in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, prices are in general very affordable, and often even lower than in the small neighborhood markets. The secret here is to take your time to go inside, and not rush to buy something at the entrance. A glass of freshly plucked tropical fruit will cost you 1.5 euros, and a package of sliced assorted fruits – 2 euros.


Behind long bar counters, people are always crowding to refresh themselves after a rich excursion program. Be sure to taste the dishes of national Spanish cuisine when you are here – everything is just fantastically tasty and the products are always fresh. Ready-made food by weight is also sold on the shelves for those who want to eat on the go. Try the local bocadillo – a bread baguette grated with garlic with tomatoes and various fillin

All in all, Barcelona is a city of wonderful and delicious food! A classic mistake many tourists make is to skip out on the menu del dia – a kind of business lunch, usually served in three courses the lunch is a staple in Spanish culture,  prices range from 9 to 15 euros.


Because of the heavy importance, the Spanish people put on the lunch they are not very keen on dinner. Instead of a traditional dinner, you will spend long evenings strolling from one bar to another, in each tasting beer and snacking on tapas (small snacks).