Montessori School, British Education

Montessori Schools are private centres that offer an education based on all the best aspects of the British educational system and the educational philosophy of the Montessori method.

Our school was founded in 1993. Since then the project has developed into four well established educational centers catering for 1200 students.

Our project began in 1992 in Collado Villalba in the centre Montessori School El Enebral. Due to rapid growth during the first years, we opened in Montessori School Los Fresnos in Alpedrete in 1995.

In 1999 we also opened a secondary department, Montessori School Los Fresnos Mataespesa, in Alpedrete. In 2006 our founding pupils graduated and entered higher education.

In the last 10 years, more than 500 pupils have successfully graduated form our centers.

Our schools are dynamic and enterprising. Over the years we have constantly improved and developed the installations, academic programme and the quality of teaching and learning. We have established important links with associations such as NABSS, ACADE and AMI and we taken part in quality control processes within these groups.

Recently we have established a new centre in the area of Aravaca, La Florida. The infants and primary sections opened in 2014 and we hope to see this site develop up to six form in the near future.

Montessori School

El Enebral

For children of nursery and primary school age. 


Location : Paseo de Belmas, 5, 28400 Collado Villalba
Telephone : +34 91 851 90 39


For children from nursery, primary school age and first years of secondary school.

Location : Navacerrada, 13, 28430 Alpedrete
Telephone : +34 91 857 17 43


Secondary Education and Bachillerato.


Location : Av. Mataespesa, 45, 28430 Alpedrete, Madrid
Telephone : +34 918 579 305

La Florida

For children.


Location : Motrico, 3. Urb. La Florida, 28023 Madrid
Telephone : +34 91 857 93 04


International School in Madrid

From 0 to 13 years of age.