[Barcelona Coffee Shops]

Satan's Coffee Corner

If you are a true coffee lover, one of those who like to buy the grain and grind it themselves, Satan’s Coffee Corner is your place.

There are two of these coffee shops located in Barcelona: one is Satan’s Coffee, which is the main cafeteria, and the other is Satan’s Coffee Corner, which is a somewhat smaller cafe located on the corner of an alley in the heart of Barcelona. The only difference is that this second shop is more of a place to pass by and buy coffee, while the other is a coffee shop to spend the afternoon.

In these coffee shops they only serve coffee, of natural hand-grinded grain of the best quality. However, if you do not like coffee, it is not recommendable to visit Satan’s Coffee, since they don’t have any other drinks besides coffee.

It won’t be difficult to find or recognize these coffee shops because you’ll be able to spot the bright yellow windows right away. Despite what the name may suggest, the decor is modern, without many contrasts in terms of styles.

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Paula Sanz