[Barcelona Coffee Shops]

Cafe Cometa

In Barcelona there is an endless number of cafes with the most extravagant and striking decorations, which attract the attention of young people who’d like to enjoy a new and pleasant space.

One of those coffee shops is Café Cometa, which surprises us with a slightly open theme. Something like “The place where you would have a coffee if you were dreaming”.

Just as you enter there’s a wall full of paintings of different sizes, flowers, chairs with different patterns and a lot of coffee. Even the bathroom has its own decoration worthy taking a picture of.

Being located outside the tourist areas of Barcelona we can rest without the hustle and bustle of the masses of people.

The best time to visit this cafe is in spring, autumn and even winter. The main problem is that they do not have air conditioning, but some fans that can not solve the incredible humidity that there is in Barcelona, ​​especially in summer.

The price of the coffee cup is around € 3, a reasonable price that will not go much lower in other coffee shops in Barcelona.

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Paula Sanz