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Spain student landing services

Spainagain is a Spanish lifestyle brand that offers student landing services. You will have an account manager who will support you with your relocation to Spain. We speak English, Spanish, and Korean. So you don’t have to worry about the language.

Health Insurance

In order to get student visa you must have a health insurance with certain requirements. (ex. repatriation) We have an agreement with Sanitas, one of the top insurance companies in Spain. We will help you sign the contract and receive the scanned insurance policies so that you can submit them to Spanish embassy in your country for student visa application. You will have the same special student price as the Sanitas website and no additional service charge from us.


One of the biggest issues before or after arriving Spain is to find right place to live. We have agreements with real estates in Madrid. We can help you find your home. You only need to pay real estate for their fee which is normally one month of rent fee. We don’t charge you any additional service fee except for translation fee if necessary.

Mobile phone and WIFI

With our service you don’t have to struggle with sales people and calculate and find the hidden price. We offer you the simplest and most competitive mobile phone or WIFI contract.


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