[Madrid Coffee Shops]

HanSo Cafe

Malasaña, one of the most alternative neighbourhoods of Madrid, gives place to an uncountable number of very original coffee shops that are main destination to young people.

Hanso Café is one of those coffee shops were you need to enter so as to discover all it can offer. The humble decoration of the facade gives no clue of the amazing taste of it’s dishes and drinks that go from bagels to asian confectionery, and with a presentation worth taking a picture of.

The speciality of this coffee shop is basically coffee, which comes with different foam patterns. There’s a fair variety of them and as for the taste, you’ll probably want to come back.

Probably due to the good reviews this place has received on the principal rating websites, the place is always crowded and the space is pretty much limited. That’s why it’s recommendable to go with an empty schedule.

Regarding the price, we find the range for a cup of coffee falls between 1,80 to 3,20€ depending on the size and type of it. It’s also possible to buy coffee grain and other products related to coffee in the coffee shop itself.

If you are a coffee-lover there’s no reason for you not to come and try the delicious coffee of Hanso Cafe.


Paula Sanz