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La Mallorquina

La Mallorquina is one of those emblematic coffee shops we cannot leave out of our list of hot spots if we visit Madrid.

It was founded in 1947 right in the heart of the city and in front of the station of Sol and its specialities are coffee, sweets and traditional pastries handcrafted every day.

Once you enter it might be a bit suffocating due to the amount of people that visit the place both tourists and locals, that make it almost impossible to order anything if we are short of time.

This coffee shop has two floors: In the first one you can order to take out or coffee to drink standing in the bar. This floor is often crowded by the people who order take outs. In the upper floor is were the actual coffee shop is, and to access it you need to first, enter the first floor and get a number and then just wait until your number is called.

It is recommendable to wait your turn as close as possible so as to be able to hear the waiter calling your number. Often there’s people who take a number and then leave due to the crowdedness or because they are just tired of waiting, and sometimes there’s also people who don’t hear when it’s their turn and so the turn goes to the next person.

Even Though it might sound a bit of an odyssey, we can assure you taking the time to visit La Mallorquina will be worthwhile.

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Paula Sanz