Laude Fontenebro School, Madrid

Our mission is to provide comprehensive education focused on stimulating quality and to develop the knowledge, skills, talents, values and potential of each and every one of our students in order to give them the tools to thrive in a world of constant change and challenges.

Our goal is learning, understood as the acquisition of knowledge and skills and to develop the ability to understand the social, personal, emotional, academic and international aspects of our world today.

Our education is based on tradition, social responsibility, and ethical values, all of which are necessary in today’s society and our aim is to strengthen these values at all levels. Working with these values on a daily basis affords children a conscience, that promotes the acquisition and creation of important habits such as discipline, work, study, order, critical thinking, freedom and respect.


Laude Fontenebro School

Laude Fontenebro Junior School

C/ Arroyo del Osea, s/n.
(28400) Collado Villalba (Madrid)

Laude Fontenebro Senior School

Calle Colonia Redondillo, 8,

28411 Moralzarzal, Madrid, España



Bilingual : Spanish, English


Telephone : +34 918 57 89 42

Website :


International School in Madrid

From 2 to 18 years of age.