German Embassy Madrid


Hints for visitors

1. Foreign missions are required to check bags and luggage of visitors. To avoid delays, we kindly ask you not to bring along heavy and heavy luggage and laptops for your visit.

2. It is forbidden to carry mobile phones, tablets or similar devices with a microphone, loudspeaker or camera. Visitors can enclose these devices at their own risk in a designated locker or hand them over to security personnel.

3. Photographing in the building is prohibited.

4. Admission is granted only with the permission of the security service of the diplomatic mission.

5. Please pay close attention to your personal belongings and documents. The foreign agencies assume no liability for loss or theft.

6. It is not permitted to enter the embassy grounds with firearms, knives of all kinds, scissors, nail files and similar objects which may present a risk of injury to third parties. Security personnel are not authorized to keep such items in safekeeping.

Deutsche Botschaft Madrid


Calle de Fortuny, 8, 28010 Madrid

opening hours

Only by appointment Mo.-Fr. from 9:00 to 12:00.


Telephone : +34 91 557 90 00

Fax : +34 91 310 21 04