Highlands School Barcelona

To develop our students’ emotional awareness from an early age, instilling good habits which promote self-discipline, respect and companionship.

We endeavour and are committed to obtaining the best results from our pupils and guaranteeing them the best preparation as people for success in what they become and what they do so that, when tomorrow comes, they are able to successfully complete higher education. To that end, we have a well-grounded syllabus with clear educational objectives and extensive content in the areas of science, the humanities and art.


At our centre, we accept pupils between 1 and 18 years of age. Highlands School Barcelona plans all schooling stages with a maximum of 2 groups until completing Higher Secondary with a maximum of 750 pupils.


Furthermore, we offer comprehensive formation in learning skills and learning tools. We seek not only to provide pupils with knowledge but also to enable them to apply that knowledge at any time and in any aspect of their lives.

Highlands School Barcelona


International Catholic School in Barcelona with British curriculum

member of Regnum Christi

Exchange with Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, USA

Ages: from 1 to 18 years



Spanish Bachillerato

Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge AS & A-levels


Teaching: English, Spanish, Catalan

Foreign languages: French, German


Carrer Manuel Florentín 26

08950 Esplugues de Llobregat



Telephone : +34 93 418 09 00

Email: info@highlandsbarcelona.es