Holy Mary British Catholic School

We are a school committed to the success of each and every one of our students, installing strong Catholic values of respect, 

tolerance and good behaviour alongside the British Education system to ensure all can reach their true potential.

Academic Excellence

Holy Mary British Catholic School caters for children aged two years to eighteen years old (our oldest year group is moving into Yr11 and are following the GCSE programmes of study) offering the British curriculum. It is a school in great demand due to the quality of education it offers and to the high standards it sets. All the teachers offering the British programmes of study are trained in the UK and Ireland and with UK National Curriculum teaching experience.

All our students are exposed to a variety of formative and summative assessments that occur throughout the school year from Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4, which helps us identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and to provide base data against which we measure progress. All children are monitored and challenged through a wide variety of external assessments which include the Early Years Learning Goals, GL Assessments battery, CEM/Durham and subsequently, and more formally iGCSEs and A Levels.

A tracking system is in place to monitor progress and this is feedback to parents through the termly report and through the Parent’s Meetings. Student progress is measured against this data to identify the value added which the school provides for each child.

Academic Excellence comes with excellent staffing, strong discipline and with a culture of students taking responsibility for their learning. The school also provides quality resources which matches the curriculum.

Catholic Ethos

Much is written and spoken about the distinctive ethos of Holy Mary British Catholic School. This has been developed ensuring that this is a fundamental part of our daily provision and that our ethos is made a reality in the lives of the students, teachers and families of the school community.


Holy Mary shares many features with other Catholic schools. We share the central mission of passing on the cultural and scientific heritage to the next generation, and of encouraging the personal growth of each student through good teaching, outstanding pastoral care and the creation of an effective school community. However, at Holy Mary, our faith is at the very heart of all that we do and aspire to achieve. We celebrate and wear our Catholic faith as a badge of honour and identity and we strive to become like the best teacher of them all, Jesus Christ.


Religious Identity

Holy Mary, Our Queen and Mother is our Patroness and Her love for us allows us to recognise that the person of Jesus Christ is at the centre of our Catholic faith. The person of Jesus Christ is presented to students and to staff and the values and attitudes of Christ are modelled by the adults and students in our school community. Students are encouraged to make the values and attitudes of Jesus Christ their own and to feel proud of their faith and identity. Holy Mary recognises the Spirit of the Risen Christ, present, alive and active in the school community and we feel Blessed to be a part of His Glorious Resurrection.

Holy Mary British Catholic School

Condes del Val

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Bilingual : Spanish, English


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Website : https://www.holymary.es/en/


International School in Madrid

From 2 to 18 years of age.