Welcome to Little Acorns Infant & Primary School

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We focus on language and literacy, ensuring your child develops a total command of English, through communication, books, story telling, singing and theatre, using phonic based methods as our main methodology.

We focus on problem solving, numeracy and shapes in a formal way and through play and practical applications.

We focus on creative development through art and crafts, music and dance.

We focus on cultures, religions, differentiation, teaching knowledge, respect and understanding of the world around us.

We focus on play, allowing your child to develop through social interaction, role- playing and games.

We focus on technology, providing state of the art ICT facilities with iPad usage from 12 months onwards in our tech corners in each classroom.

We focus on health, nutrition and the environment, teaching children to care for themselves and nature.

We focus on physical development through exercise, dance, sessions promoting balance and motor skills, gym activities, and many extracurricular activities such as swimming and yoga .

All in all, our objective is to make your child a happy, confident, inspired and motivated individual, encouraging his/her personal, social and emotional development.

Little Acorns School


Campus Empresarial Minipark 1,

Calle Azalea 1 La Moraleja, 28109

Madrid Spain


Bilingual : Spanish, English


Telephone : +34 916 502 750


International School in Madrid

From 1 to 12 years of age.