Maxwell School

Maxwell School offers children a unique personalised learning experience that prepares them for the future. We use the best educational practices to stimulate their love of learning allowing them to achieve academic excellence through a creative and collaborative environment.

The aim of our model is to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded bilingual curriculum that targets his or her academic, emotional and social communication needs through the use of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

Our purpose: to recreate an education structured by the British National Curriculum yet prepared to teach students for a changing world. Our vision: to promote creative, joyful, compassionate learners. Our mission: to motivate each student to strive for academic excellence.

The school provides a dynamic, stimulating environment that fuels the quest for knowledge, allowing our pupils to achieve their individual potential as well as enabling them to transport this learning to other aspects of their lives.

Maxwell School


Calle Serrano 158, Madrid 28002 Spain


Bilingual : Spanish, English


Telephone : +34 917 826 277

Email :


International School in Madrid

From 6 to 15 years of age.