Richmond International School

We are passionate about forming people, we are passionate about Education!

What makes an exceptional school? The answer rests in a combination of factors, and it is that combination I sincerely believe Richmond International School possesses.

First, Richmond is a school whose quality and identity rest on its commitment to the British curriculum and promotion of internationalism. We live and breathe the spirit of internationalism, as reflected not only in our three programmes of learning but many of the activities outside the classroom which enhance and enrich an individual’s education, and the life of the school as a whole.

Second, we are a school with very high standards. We expect our staff to practise the highest standards of professionalism, and exhort our students to do everything in their power to make the most of their individual qualities. We aim to do all we can to ensure our students fulfil their academic potential, not least so that those who leave us at eighteen have the opportunity to go on to a university of their choice.

Finally, we are a school that prides itself on the cultivation and nurturing of an ethos and spirit rooted in the circumstances of the school’s foundation, as well as the principles and philosophy of Richmond. Among other purposes, we believe education should be seen as an end in itself as well as a means of enhancing career and life prospects “erudio pro vita”; we believe in the pursuit of academic rigour; we believe that doubt is an intellectual strength not a weakness; we believe in the promotion of compassion, tolerance and diversity; we believe in developing independent, confident, curious, lifelong learners who commit themselves to helping others as well as themselves.

Richmond International School


International School in Barcelona with British curriculum

Ages: from 3 to 18 years

Average annual tuition: €13,100


Spanish Bachillerato

Cambridge IGCSE



Teaching: English

Foreign languages: Spanish, Catalan, French



Rambla del Garraf, 14-16, Sant Pere de Ribes

08812 Barcelona


Telephone : +34 93 893 67 12

Email :