Santa Clara International School

we believe every student is unique and we place the emphasis on an individualized teaching, paying attention to their abilities, interests and hobbies

Santa Clara International School started its teaching vocation in 1968. The founders had the vision of considering the English language an essential tool in the students’ education. Nowadays, the third generation is engaged in an educational project that has the same innovative spirit as that of the early days. From that time, we have created our own programmes in which creativity is of the utmost importance in the learning process. This leads our students to a social, emotional and academic growth, supported by parents and teachers in order to achieve future success. Our students have a passion for learning, eager to know about anything new they come across. Our task is not an easy one and it takes great talent and commitment from teachers, parents and management. Our experience shows that we can realise all the dreams we have on our mind.


We want our students to know themselves and what surrounds them well. That is what our curriculum is aimed at. As students make progress, their work acquires a more complex dimension, and the learning process develops into knowledge, values and attitudes. In Santa Clara we use our experience to develop strategies adapted to each individual in order to guarantee a harmonious academic growth. Our teachers are trained in the development of strategies that help students to reach their targets and can be admitted in the most prestigious universities all over the world.


Santa Clara International School


International School in Barcelona with Spanish curriculum

Ages: from 3 to 18 years




Spanish Bachillerato


Teaching: English

Foreign languages: Spanish, Catalan


Carrer de Pomaret, 17-19

08017 Barcelona


Telephone : +34 93 212 35 93