St. Paul’s School

We aim for our pupils to be fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan and have a high level of French

At. St. Paul’s we provide an environment of trust, responsibility and freedom in which our pupils can learn and become confident and independent people who will be able to meet the challenges of life in the 21st century, be successful in whatever they choose to do and who possess the skills and qualities that will allow them to reach their goals in this increasingly competitive world.

Particular emphasis is placed on the English language which is taught through immersion. French is introduced as a fourth language in the first year of Secondary.


The curriculum taught at St. Paul’s is the same as that taught in any other school in Barcelona. However, at St. Paul’s the language used for a large part of the teaching is English, as specified in our linguistic programme.

St. Paul’s School


International School in Barcelona with Spanish curriculum

Ages: from 3 to 18 years



Spanish Bachillerato


Teaching: English. Spanish, Catalan

Foreign languages: French



Av.Pearson, 39-45
08034 Barcelona


Telephone : +34 93 203 05 00

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